The petate is a symbol of the union of life and death, therefore it was also the place where the pre-Hispanic people placed their altars. Its simplicity protects parties, births and is also the nest where the bodies come together.

El zocalito

The central patio. If you suddenly feel suffocated and feel like taking fresh air and resting in a garden, you can enjoy the Zocalito. It is a beautiful place, full of plants, that invites you to enjoy the vibe of living in a typical Mexican patio, located in a typical large house in La Condesa.

La covachita

And if you want to hang out, watch TV, read a book or some other leisure activity, La Covachita opens your arms to pamper you and give you a break from your daily work.

La terraza

If you want to cool off, relax, read, write, have a drink or smoke, the terrace is an ideal place to relax and connect with yourself.