The petate is still present in the memory of Mexicans as a symbol of destiny, of that in which one is born, dies and is carried around the world.

Just 10 streets away from La Salle University
1.2 km / 0.74 miles away
15 minute walk
2 metrobus stations

Petate House is only twenty minutes away from the Historic Center. It is located just a few steps away from the heart of Colonia Condesa, a charming neighborhood known for its restaurants, cafes, boutiques, bookstores and galleries; a safe and cozy atmosphere and easily accessible in metro, bus and metrobus.

Parks and plazas

Enjoying the University Quarter is enjoying nature in large gardens and flowery ridges:

  • Parque Mazatlán
  • Parque México
  • Parque España
  • Parque Morelos
  • Camellón Ámsterdam
    (Circuito para correr)
  • Camellón Mazatlán
  • Camellón Alfonso Reyes
  • Forms of transportation to get there:

    Art, culture y leisure

    Galleries, concert halls, exhibition halls, bookstores, libraries, restaurants and entertainment centers are the meeting point of our Community in the University Quarter.